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Call for Nominations: Public Participation Network Vacancies

15th August 2017

Representations on Committees and Boards offers a platform for the Community & Voluntary sector to have a voice/ a seat at the table where decisions are made.

Call for Nominations

The following PPN positions are vacant

Secretariat vacancies:

1 Social Inclusion Rep

2 vacancies for Environmental reps (See attached criteria)

1 Municipal District Rep from Tullamore, Edenderry and Birr

Secretariat members must be available for:

11 Meetings per year including specific events



The first Wednesday of each Month

Attendance/ Representation at other events (shared among committee)

Other Vacancies

Joint Policing Committee - criteria: A Rep from the Edenderry Municipal District

5 meetings per year.

3.00 pm



1. Vacancy

Economic Development, Enterprise & Planning SPC

5 meetings per year

3.00 -5.00 pm


Last Thursday of the month

2. Vacancy

Sports Partnership Disability Rep

5 meetings per year

6.30 pm


Last Monday of the month

1. Vacancy

Midlands regional Drugs Task Force

Nomination Form attached

4 meetings per year

11.30 – 1.30

Tullamore/Athlone alternate venues

2nd Tuesday of the Month

2. Vacancy

Environment Water & Drainage Services SPC

5 meetings per year

3.30 -5.00 pm


2nd Thursday of the month

1. Vacancy

All Representatives have a county wide remit supported and directed by the groups who have elected them

All members will report back to the groups that nominated them

Groups will be established as a sub- committee/Linkage group

Offaly PPN already have some of these groups in place

Tidy towns Network

Community Watch Network

Disability Awareness group was established and run a very successful Disability Awareness event and also some Care for the Carer workshops.

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