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Secretariat: (updated 24th February 2017)
Community & Voluntary: Linda Dowling & Maura Allen
Social Inclusion: Anna O'Neill & Maureen Ward
Municipal District: Birr - Seamus O'Rourke, Tullamore - Loughnan Hooper, Edenderry - Vacancy
Environmental: Two vacancies


Aims and Objectives of Offaly PPN Secretariat:

  1. Ensure effective representation of the community, social inclusion and environmental groups in Offaly and to assist in their contribution to the development of the county for the well being of its future generations.
  2. To hold formal meetings of the County Plenary at least twice per year.
  3. To hold formal meetings within each Municipal District at least twice per year.
  4. To develop a governance code for the operation of the Plenaries and the PPN structure.
  5. To facilitate the election of representatives from the environmental, social inclusion and community/voluntary sectors to the relevant local government decision making committees/bodies.
  6. To support the ongoing participation and representation of communities in a fair, equitable and transparent manner on decision making bodies.
  7. To support the formation of Linkage Groups in relation to specific issues/topics.
  8. To develop a two-way feedback mechanism between the County Plenary, relevant linkage groups and the Plenary.
  9. To develop a mechanism through which information can disseminated to all members of Offaly PPN.

Role of the Secretariat:

  1. Facilitate the implementation of the decisions of the Plenary.
  2. Ensure the proper functioning of Offaly  PPN between Plenaries.
  3. Coordinate activities of Offaly  PPN.
  4. Communicate extensively and regularly with all Offaly  PPN members and in this process, disseminate information concerning all PPN activities as widely as possible.
  5. Manage the resource worker who will be provided to the PPN at a county level to enable them in delivering their objectives.
  6. To support the individual representatives of the PPN and help to develop their capacity to do their work, participate and provide feedback effectively.


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